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Every protein is unique and presents unique manufacturing challenges. For microbial protein production, developers frequently turn to off-the-shelf expression vectors which often results in low titers or inactive protein. Vectron Biosolutions offers a different approach by developing tailor-made expression vectors for each protein.
Providing unique solutions to unique problems is how we approach protein production challenges. Our proprietary technologies, in-house expertise and decades of experience enable robust protein production and scalability otherwise not possible.
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* Theoretical based on expression element libraries
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We develop outstanding protein production processes for our customers. We do this by leveraging our proprietary expression technologies and extensive experience to engineer bespoke bacterial strains for each and every customer protein. The strains result in maximal titers of biologically active protein. After a project, the strains are transferred to the customer for use under a license agreement, together with all required documentation and protocols.
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Microbial gene-expression


Vectron has a broad portfolio of proprietary, cutting edge technologies for protein production in bacteria.
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VB Expression
Unique Solutions for Unique Problems
VB Expression is a modular expression vector platform for combining proprietary expression elements in various configurations. By leveraging this platform approach, our partners have access to the ideal expression vector for the manufacture of their desired protein.
VB Evolution
The Perfect Solution through Evolution
VB Evolution is a directed evolution approach to develop truly novel and unique expression vectors that have been evolved to give maximized yields of soluble protein. This next-generation solution creates nearly unlimited vector libraries to obtain the perfect expression vector for each and every unique protein.
VB Secretion
Avoiding Downstream Problems through Secretion
VB Secretion is a proprietary, microbial secretion technology that is being optimized for E. coli.  By transporting the proteins out the cell, we reduce the likelihood of issues with degradation, aggregation and misfolding, and greatly reduce downstream costs and development times.
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Pharma company
“The Vectron technology outperforms any previous attempt to achieve a commercially viable yield/titre of our very difficult to express therapeutic protein.

The Vectron expression technology and the team have provided amazing results expressing our POI and ensured a path forward for our project.”
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“When all else failed, the VB-technology worked! When we wanted to get commercially viable yields of a difficult protein, we added VB to the engineering strategy, and thereby the yield was increased more than 10-fold. We are very happy to work with Vectron and have access to their innovative and powerful technology.”
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Snr Director R&D
Pharma company
“I had a problem in the expression and the production of our protein in E. coli. In the feasibility study Vectron made every effort sincerely to find the solutions and Vectron’s technology gave higher expression titers than I expected. The results were promising and satisfactory.”
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Head of Synthetic Biology
Undisclosed company
“Vectron conducted a large bioinformatics project for us which identified more than 100 unique proteins that match our application criteria, some of which were de novo designed and engineered by Vectron and many that posed very challenging manufacturing issues.

Vectron then used their innovative expression technology platform to express these proteins, resulting in 18 that were produced at high titers. Vectron has delivered excellent services at a highly competitive price, and we are excited to have initiated additional projects with this highly competent company.”
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vectron offers patenting

Additional IP Insulation

Patent applications that claim the use of Vectron’s technologies for production of customers’ proteins may be part of project deliverables. This can provide customers with added IP insulation and offer financial longevity to their products.
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