Vectron Biosolutions AS is your expert on developing cost-effective microbial production processes for recombinant proteins

Do you need to cut manufacturing costs?

The manufacturing costs of many recombinant proteins can be significantly reduced through increasing titres and improving the solubility of the proteins, reducing the necessities of costly downstream processes. This is increasingly important in the competitive landscape of the biopharmaceutical industry, especially with the advent of biosimilars and biobetters, as well as for suppliers of industrial enzymes where the markets are smaller.

Vectron Biosolutions is your upstream expert on developing robust, cost-efficient production processes for recombinant proteins in E. coli and other bacteria. We have proprietary next-generation expression tools and decades of experience that is available to you through partnerships and licensing.

Latest news

  • Gold Medal

    November 20 | 2017

    The NTNU iGEM 2017 team wins Gold Medal in Boston.

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  • In memoriam: Svein Valla

    September 18 | 2017

    Professor Svein Valla, founder of Vectron, passed away September 13.

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  • Vectron is sponsoring

    August 30 | 2017

    Vectron is the proud sponsor of the NTNU iGEM 2017 team.

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  • New review paper

    March 30 | 2017

    A brilliant review paper of the XylS/Pm system has recently been published.

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