Until now, Vectron has focused on the pharmaceutical market, developing cost-efficient E. coli strains for production of therapeutic proteins. But Vectron's technology portfolio extends beyond using E. coli as a manufacturing host. The company's technologies can also be used to develop protein production processes in other bacteria. Because of this, and because of a continued commercial interest from other industry segments beyond pharma, Vectron has now formed a new business division that aims at servicing the specialty enzyme segment. This quickly growing segment commonly uses recombinant protein production  and Vectron is well-positioned to service this market by developing robust and cost-efficient production processes for their enzymes.

To further strengthen our value proposition in this market, Vectron is currently in discussions with a protein engineering company about entering a dedicated partnership. This will allows us to both design new enzymes and develop robust and cost-efficient processes for their production.

Pieter van Kuilenburg, Business Development Manager, Industrial Enzymes
"It is exciting to take our technology in a whole new direction. Specialty enzyme production comes with its own unique challenges, and I believe Vectron is well positioned to take these on. With our new business division, we’re taking our existing experience with enzyme production to the next level."