Vectron Biosolutions was founded in 2008 when professor Svein Valla and Dr. Trond Erik Vee Aune decided to commercialize an expression vector technology developed by Valla at NTNU in Norway. The technology comprises a set of expression vectors designed for cost-efficient production of proteins in E. coli and are based on the xylS/Pm expression cassette in combination with the RK2 plasmid.

The VB Expert technology, as we refer to it, is based on combining different expression cassettes, signal peptides, and folding partners, with specific plasmid copy numbers to obtain high yields of each protein to be produced. VB Expert can further be combined with VB Solutions, an auxiliary technology for soluble production of proteins. This leads to outstanding control of expression and hence a technology portfolio suitable for a diverse range of proteins, including those that are toxic, complex, insoluble, and large.

Vectron services customers across the life science industries, from large pharma to small specialized enzyme manufactures. Common to them all is a need for robust, cost-efficient production processes for recombinant proteins.