We recently had the pleasure to talk with David Alvaro, the Editor in Chief at Pharma Almanac, who wanted to know more about Vectron's microbial protein production technologies. David was particularly curious about the technologies that enable researchers and manufacturers to achieve higher manufacturing yields and reduce the cost of goods for biotherapeutic and industrial proteins. 

We are always excited to talk about what we are currently working on and David's questions hopefully reveal great insights about our work on developing new technologies for the drug's of tomorrow.

As the first course of business, David and Trond dove right into the impact the late Professor Svein Valla and his research group at NTNU had on the foundation for the success of Vectron Biosolutions. Furthermore, they discussed Svein's scientific focus on unravelling the remaining unknowns of bacterial gene-expression and how he developed a novel and innovative expression vector system.

Trond reminisced about how the company has evolved from then and mused on whether Svein would have been surprised by the company's success. Although, given his strong understanding of business, he might have already had an idea.

They continued to talk about the core xylS/Pm technology and some of the subsequent technologies we have developed before diving into the benefits that VB Evolution technology offers over other high-throughput screening approaches and the reason behind the acquisition of the VB Secretion technology.

Some talking points you'll be able to find throughout the interview are:

  • Our opinion regarding if most programs will integrate the three technologies (VB Expression, VB Evolution & VB Secretion)
  • Which types of proteins or projects benefit most from Vectron's technologies?
  • If there any other problems or bottlenecks analogous to secretion where there is potential for an engineered solution that would fit with Vectron's evolutionary approach?

Once finished talking about the technologies, the pair couldn't avoid talking about Vectron's biggest assets - the people behind the technologies and the company in general. On our about us page, David had read that our team is built by scientists, the majority holding a Ph.D., and was interested in knowing what different perspective this gives us compared to other companies. 

The back and forth discussion continued with topics surrounding our investors and what the future holds in terms of long-term strategic goals. 

Read the full interview here.

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