Services supplied by Vectron Biosolutions

Feasibility studies

To assess the usefullness of Vectron's technologies and know-how for production of specific proteins, limited feasibility studies can be performed. In such feasibility studies, a few vectors featuring different combinations of expression elements (Pm promoters, 5'-UTRs, signal peptides, vector copy number, etc) are tested in laboratory scale. Quantification is done with SDS-PAGE and Western blot. Such a feasibility study will just represent a limited test of Vectron's technologies and hence is not expected to give maximal titres, but suffice to form an answer on whether our technology is at all suited or not. The objective is to quickly (about 6 weeks) answer whether Vectron's technology has the potential to be used for production of the specific proteins or not. Usually, further optimization of expression will be done in a strain development project as described below.

Strain development

Vectron can develop cost-efficient production processes for your recombinant proteins using the most suitable bacterial expression technologies available, including Vectron's proprietary technolgies based on the Pm/xylS technology platform. Depending upon the target and its particular challenges, a strain development project may include optimizing vector copy number, vector stability, expression strength, translocation to the periplasm or culture medium, and improved solubility. Additionally, Vectron can optimize cultivation, strain selection, and perform scale-up to 5 liter high-cell-density fermentations through its industrial partners. The time-line for such a project depends upon the target and requirements, but usually it is from 2-6 months.


Vectron's expression vector technology platform is fully owned by the company. Use of these technologies requires a license. If you are a CMO with a need for state-of-the-art expression technology in your toolbox, a pharmaceutical company developing a biosimilar and needing higher titres, or an industrial enzyme developer struggling to express a novel enzyme, contact us for licensing terms.



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