Back to Newslist September 18 | 2017
In memoriam: Svein Valla
It is with great sadness we inform that Professor Svein Valla passed away on September 13 after a period of illness. As Professor at the Department of Biotechnology at NTNU, one of Svein's main research interests was protein synthesis in bacteria. Through more than 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, Svein greatly advanced our knowledge on the fundamental process of gene expression and protein synthesis in microorganisms. Almost as a byproduct of this basic research, Svein improved upon existing industrial tools for controlled production of proteins by developing an innovative new expression vector technology platform. To facilitate the commercialization of this technology, Svein took the initiative to founding Vectron Biosolutions and served as a Board member in the company for many years until his illness forced him to step down.
We remember Svein as a brilliant scientist with a great mind for details and overview. But even more, as a warm human being with various interests and a fantastic sense of humor. 

Svein and co-founder Trond Erik in 2008