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  • Vectron makes changes to its Board of Directors

    June 17 | 2021

    With the closing of a Series A round with Dynamk Capital, Vectron adds Reinhard Vogt and Trond Erik Vee Aune as new board members.

  • Vectron closes Series A investment with Dynamk Capital

    June 17 | 2021

    Vectron announces the closing of a Series A round financing with Dynamk Capital

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  • Vectron acquires T3S Technologies' secretion platform

    June 17 | 2021

    Vectron announces the acquisition of T3S's bacterial secretion platform.

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  • New scientific paper

    June 22 | 2020

    We have recently co-authored a great new paper on translocation.

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  • Vectron is granted new patent

    August 04 | 2019

    Vectron's dual UTR technology has now been granted patent protection by the European Patent Office.

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  • Vectron enters collaboration with Mycenax Biotech Inc.

    May 29 | 2019

    Vectron and Mycenax will collaborate to offer a complete and superior solution for microbial production of therapeutic proteins.

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  • Vectron Biosolutions participated on this year's VIVO career day at NTNU

    February 06 | 2019

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  • Vectron receives Fab grant from NFR

    February 04 | 2019

    A research grant for continued work on cost-efficient production of Fab therapeutic proteins has been received from NFR.

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  • Vectron signs license agreement with ArcticZymes

    December 20 | 2018

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  • Gold Medal

    October 24 | 2018

    The NTNU iGEM 2018 team won the Gold Medal in Boston.

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  • Vectron is featured in Dagens Næringsliv

    July 24 | 2018

    Vectron Biosolution was featured in Dagens Næringsliv on July 24, as one of the most interesting biotech startups in Norway.

  • VIVO career day at NTNU

    March 06 | 2018

    Vectron Biosolutions participated on this year's VIVO career day at NTNU

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  • Gold Medal

    November 20 | 2017

    The NTNU iGEM 2017 team wins Gold Medal in Boston.

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  • In memoriam: Svein Valla

    September 18 | 2017

    Professor Svein Valla, founder of Vectron, passed away September 13.

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  • Vectron is sponsoring

    August 30 | 2017

    Vectron is the proud sponsor of the NTNU iGEM 2017 team.

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  • New review paper

    March 30 | 2017

    A brilliant review paper of the XylS/Pm system has recently been published.

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  • Vectron is hiring.

    March 14 | 2017

    Please visit our Career page for information on available positions.

  • Semifinal DNB Healthcare Prize 2016

    November 11 | 2016

    Vectron to reach the semifinal and compete for NOK 1 million!

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  • Vectron enters agreement with EnginZyme

    October 26 | 2016

    EnginZyme to use the VB technology for production of CalB.

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  • New job positions at Vectron

    October 25 | 2016

    Vectron needs more scientific colleagues and is currently looking to hire good candidates.

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  • New flyer for scientific conferences

    September 18 | 2016

    Our new flyer that will be disitributed on selected conferences in 2016/2017.

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  • New advert for EBR

    September 02 | 2016

    Our new advert that will be featured in the October and January issues of European Biopharmaceutical Review.

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  • Dr. Jostein Malmo becomes Vectron's new CSO

    July 25 | 2016

    Vectron is thrilled to announce that Dr. Jostein Malmo becomes the company's new CSO.

  • Vectron is featured in Teknisk Ukeblad

    July 13 | 2016

    Vectron was featured in the June issue of Teknisk Ukeblad. NTB made a release based on the TU article which was then picked up by many Norwegian newspapers, including Adressa and Fedrelandsvennen.

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  • Carl-Åke Carlsson is appointed new Chairman

    June 27 | 2016

    Carl-Åke Carlsson is appointed new Chairman of Vectron Biosolutions. The Board has also been strengthened by the additions of Tom Pike and Jan Håbrekke.

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  • On the frontpage again

    February 01 | 2016

    Vectron is again featured on the front page of Adresseavisen.

  • Vectron is featured in Adresseavisen

    September 02 | 2015

    Vectron is featured in two articles in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen.

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  • Vectron is featured in Dagens Næringsliv

    September 01 | 2015

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  • Boehringer Ingelheim licenses Vectron Biosolutions’ expression technology platform

    September 01 | 2015

    Boehringer Ingelheim, a research-based, global pharmaceutical company, announced today the licensing of Vectron Biosolutions’ expression technology platform.

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  • BioProcess International (virtual)

    Sep 20–30 | 2021
  • Bio-Europe Spring (virtual)

    Oct 25–28 | 2021
  • CPhI International; Milano, Italy

    Nov 09–11 | 2021
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